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Overcoming Anxiety With Positive Action

With 1 in 3 people impacted, mental health is the single biggest factor that holds us back from achieving our goals. 

It can be daunting, confusing and overwhelming trying to seek help and find the right advice and strategies.

What is Anxiety Coaching with S.T.I.L.L Scotland

Anxiety coaching is a welcome stopgap between traditional resources such as a visit to the doctor, therapy or reaching for medication. 

It is a strong partnership between the S.T.I.L.L Method Anxiety Coach and the client which fosters possibilities and encourages the individual to take responsibility, make time to practice the effective strategies and feel empowered to reach their best health and well-being. 


  • By understanding what anxiety is and how it can become so ingrained and habitual. 
  • By asking individuals to be open-minded to new ways of seeing things with a readiness and willingness to change.
  • By encouraging individuals to actively use practical strategies to help themselves deal with their everyday worries and fears.

What is The S.T.I.L.L Method?

The S.T.I.L.L Method is a multiple input approach to help tackle anxiety.  

The method is comprised of five key elements 


Clear, systematic, structured and measured, the S.T.I.L.L Method helps to support young people, teens, adults, parents/guardians and professionals grow in confidence, control their emotions, overcome fear, build happiness and use tools that last a lifetime. 

Each element of The S.T.I.L.L Method incorporates tools from a range of disciplines: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, positive psychology, coaching and personal development.

Who is The S.T.I.L.L Method for?

The S.T.I.L.L Method can be delivered to everyone and can be easily adapted to suit age and ability.  

Our programmes can be delivered face to face or online.

S.T.I.L.L Scotland also offers Continuing Professional Development as well as corporate events as part of a work place mental health awareness strategy.

For schools, the workshops can be delivered during school hours to individuals and small groups, or as an extra-curricular club.

Why S.T.I.L.L Scotland?


S.T.I.L.L Scotland offers real substance, based on up to date research in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, positive psychology, coaching and personal development.


Ideas and concepts are presented as stories, games, role plays and group discussions offering meaningful and sustainable practical strategies.


Everyone responds well to approachable, fun and engaging adults who are positive role-models.  This can have a powerful impact on behaviour and attitude.


The S.T.I.L.L Method is a multiple input progressive programme offering online support and follow up activities.

Each session or workshop introduces a new element of the S.T.I.L.L Method (Stop-Talk-Imagine-Listen-Learn).


S.T.I.L.L Scotland encourages individuals to put the practical strategies in action by growing in confidence, controlling emotions, overcoming fears, building happiness and using tools that last a lifetime.


A ‘Mind Hack Journal’ is included for all S.T.I.L.L Scotland clients along with online support and certificate of completion.


S.T.I.L.L Scotland represents excellent value for impact and outcome.

”I loved this course - it gave me more confidence, focus and self belief. I would whole-heartedly recommend it. Jen’s delivery is very professional and carried out with great ease. Her rapport is fantastic and she makes the exercises so much fun and the technique easy to follow. Anyone who hasn’t met Jen before would instantly feel at ease with her.”

Jill, 55